Customs Taiwan: calculation, regulations and restrictions

What are the customs procedures in Taiwan?

If you are planning to import or export goods to Taiwan, it is important to understand the country's customs procedures. Taiwan Customs is responsible for enforcing customs rules and regulations, processing customs declarations, collecting taxes and duties, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. In this article, we will explore Taiwan's customs procedures, customs declarations, the customs verification process, calculating customs fees, managing blocked packages and steps to release them.

How to make customs declarations with Taiwan Customs

To make a customs declaration with the Taiwan customs authorities, you will need to provide various information about your shipment, such as the nature of the goods, their value and the applicable taxes and duties. Specific requirements may vary depending on the type of goods you are shipping and the destination in Taiwan. Generally, you can make your customs declarations through a customs broker or freight forwarder who can handle the paperwork and advise you on the procedures to follow. You can also contact the Taiwanese customs authorities directly for more information on the requirements and procedures for a customs declaration. Here are some useful links to Taiwan customs authorities and related resources:

  • Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, Taiwan:
  • - Taiwan Customs:
  • Taiwan Summary of Customs Regulations:

It is recommended that you consult a customs broker or freight forwarder to ensure that all requirements are met and to avoid any customs-related problems.

The Taiwan Customs verification process

Once you have submitted your customs declaration, Taiwan Customs will carry out a verification of the goods to ensure that they comply with customs regulations. The verification process may take several days or weeks, depending on the type of goods and the complexity of the verification. If Taiwan Customs has concerns about the compliance of the goods, they may detain the goods and request additional information to resolve the concerns. In this case, the owner of the goods must provide the necessary information in a timely manner to avoid delaying the release of the goods.

Taiwan Customs: how to calculate customs fees?

To calculate the customs charges for a shipment to or from Taiwan, you can use an online customs duty calculator or seek the assistance of a competent customs broker. Customs duties may include a combination of import duties, consumption taxes, brokerage fees and administration fees, depending on the nature of the goods, their value, origin and other factors.

The process of calculating customs duties for Taiwan can be complex, but there are free online tools available to help you with your estimate. You can also consult the official online resources mentioned above for more detailed information or contact the Taiwanese customs authorities directly for assistance.

How do I know if my parcel is blocked at Taiwan customs?

To find out if your parcel is blocked at Taiwan customs, you can follow the steps below:

  • Check the status of your package using the tracking number provided by the carrier. You can check the carrier's website to see if your package has arrived in Taiwan and if tracking updates are available.
  • If you cannot find any tracking updates on the carrier's website or if you see that your package status indicates that it is blocked at customs, you can contact the carrier for information on why it is blocked.
  • You can also contact the Taiwanese customs authorities for information on the status of your package. You can find the contact details of the Taiwan Customs Agency on their official website.
  • If your package is blocked at Taiwan Customs due to a documentation or compliance issue, you can contact your sender or receiver for assistance in resolving the issue.

It is important to note that processing packages through customs can take time and that the delivery time of your package may be extended due to this processing step. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your parcel being held up in Taiwan customs, please do not hesitate to contact the carrier or the customs authorities for assistance.


Check the status of your package

The first step to finding out if your package is stuck in Taiwan customs is to check its status with your chosen shipping company. You can usually do this online using the tracking number provided by the carrier.

If the status of your package indicates that it is in the process of being cleared or is awaiting customs declaration, this may indicate that it is stuck in customs. However, bear in mind that customs clearance can take time and your package may still be in transit.

Contact Taiwan Customs

If you are sure that your package is blocked at Taiwan Customs, you can use the following contact information:

  • Official website of the Taiwan Customs Administration (in English):
  • Taiwan Customs telephone number: +886-2-25505500
  • Taiwan Customs Administration e-mail address:
  • You can also contact the Taiwan Customs Agency using their online contact form available on their official website.

When you contact customs, make sure you have all the relevant information, such as the tracking number of your package, the name of the sender and the contents of the package. Customs will then be able to give you information on why your parcel is being held and what you can do to get it back.
It is important to note that customs staff may have language restrictions, so if you do not speak Chinese or English, it may be useful to have a translator or online assistance to help you communicate with them.


Using a customs agent

If you are having difficulties with Taiwan Customs or would like assistance in dealing with customs formalities, you can use a customs agent.
A customs agent is a person or company who can help you prepare and submit customs documents, pay import duties and taxes, arrange transportation and resolve customs problems. Customs agents are experienced professionals who have a thorough knowledge of customs regulations and procedures.
To find a customs agent in Taiwan, you can use online business directories or consult customs brokers' associations. You can also contact your carrier or supplier to ask for recommendations.

It is important to note that hiring a customs agent may involve additional costs, but it can be helpful if you have complex issues or need professional help in resolving customs problems.