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With Happy-Post, send your parcels simply throughout North America at the best price. In all the countries in North America, your packages are delivered to your recipient's home. allows you to send parcels to all the destinations in North America at the best price.

Send your packages to all countries in North America

Below you will find all our destinations to which you can send your parcel:

Send a package to Canada
Send a package to the United States
Send a package to Mexico
Send a parcel to Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Send a parcel to Bermuda

We are committed to delivering your parcels to all these countries, and it is often the usual postman or delivery specialist who will deliver it.

Did you know ?

For all destinations in North America, it is important to pay particular attention to the customs declaration. Be sure to detail the items in your package as well as the quantity and value of each. You can also consult our page on prohibited or restricted goods.

Please be careful to respect the legislation on prohibited content. You can also visit our page on prohibited or restricted goods.

Also be sure to include your recipient's phone number or a local contact. The delivery person will be able to easily contact your recipient if necessary. This also ensures that the delivery of your package is not slowed down.

Finally, so that the recipient of your package in North America is informed in real time, you can send them the tracking number of their package. He will be able to go to our tracking page and find out where his package is.


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