Etsy delivery: The guide

As an Etsy e-commerce seller, one of your main missions is to manage the shipping of your products to customers worldwide. This task requires time and special attention to ensure buyer satisfaction. Learn how to simplify, speed up, and make shipping on Etsy affordable with the Happy-Post solution.


Etsy Shipping: Discover an Online Selling Brand

Etsy is an American online selling platform specializing in the trade of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Essentially, Etsy enables independent sellers from around the world to promote and sell their unique, handmade products to a large community of buyers. Established in 2005, the company has continuously evolved over the years to become an essential player in the online sale of various products. Etsy now boasts over 90 million active buyers.


How to Deliver an Etsy Order?

To ensure the smooth delivery of your Etsy packages, here are the main steps to follow for each of your shipments.


Determine the Dimensions and Weight of the Etsy Package

First and foremost, you need to accurately determine the dimensions and weight of your Etsy package. In addition to helping you estimate the cost of postage for your package, there are certain rules to follow regarding weight and dimensions:

  • Weight of your Etsy package: The maximum allowed weight is 20 kg.

  • Length of your Etsy package: The length must be less than 1 meter.

  • Perimeter of your Etsy package (L + w + H): The total perimeter must be less than 1.50 meters.


Check the Shipping Fees for Your Etsy Package

Once your Etsy package is properly packed, you need to calculate the postage price to send it to its destination. Refer to our comprehensive guide on package packaging to ensure the safety of your goods during transport. Simply visit our online calculator and provide the following information:

  • Departure country.

  • Destination country.

  • Weight of your package.

  • Dimensions of your package.


You can then choose the delivery solution that best fits your budget and the agreed-upon delivery terms with the recipient of your Etsy package.


Postage for Your Etsy Package

Finally, all that's left is to post your Etsy package to proceed with its delivery. For this, you need to log in to your Happy-Post account, customize the shipping label, and print it out. Make sure that all information is perfectly readable and do not cut off any barcodes when trimming the label. Then, affix the label flatly on the side of the package.


Procedure for Returning an Etsy Package

It's possible that a buyer of one of your products might not be satisfied and wishes to return their Etsy package. Here are the main steps to follow for an Etsy package return:

Discuss return arrangements with the buyer: delivery address, send-back deadline, who covers return costs (refer to the terms and conditions of sale).

Purchase the return label for the Etsy package: either the buyer or yourself on the Happy-Post website by downloading the label in PDF format to send to the buyer via email.

Wait for the package to be received and proceed with refunding the buyer's order.

It's important to clearly define the return modalities for an Etsy package in the terms and conditions of sale for your shop to determine who is responsible for covering the return delivery costs.


Etsy Shipping: Choose Happy-Post, the Best Etsy Package Carrier

Happy-Post is a parcel collection and delivery service operating in France and worldwide. With its affordable offer that combines simplicity, speed, and security, Happy-Post is a preferred partner for e-commerce sellers using Etsy.


Simple and Fast Delivery for Individuals and Professionals

At Happy-Post, our mission is to make your life as easy as possible by providing a simple and fast Etsy delivery service. Sending your Etsy package is a breeze! Configure your package online, print the shipping label, and drop off your package at the pick-up point of your choice. For even more convenience, opt for having your Etsy package collected from your home at a time of your choosing.

If you're an e-commerce seller, Happy-Post offers tailor-made solutions to help you optimize your time, such as:

  • The Mastercolis solution, which bundles all your individual packages into one box for time and cost savings.

  • Importing your orders from your e-commerce platforms (Etsy, eBay, Shopify, etc.) in just a few clicks through our connectors and dedicated modules.

  • Real-time tracking of your packages.

  • And more.


Affordable and Customized Package Delivery

By choosing the Happy-Post solution for Etsy delivery, you benefit from one of the most advantageous pricing offers in the market. Whether your Etsy deliveries are destined for France, China, or Canada, you're guaranteed competitive rates. Furthermore, we offer multiple delivery solutions that adapt to your specific needs and budget. Home delivery with tracking and signature, drop-off point delivery, Express delivery for faster service—the options are plenty for national and international Etsy deliveries.


Global Package Delivery

With Happy-Post, you can send your Etsy packages to any destination worldwide. Whether you're an e-commerce seller looking to ship orders to international customers or an individual wanting to send a package to a family member living abroad, Happy-Post is the ideal solution.


Tracking Your Etsy Package

Another advantage of using Happy-Post to send your Etsy packages is the ability to track your deliveries in real-time. Simply visit our dedicated package tracking page and enter the package number. You can also provide the package number to the recipient, allowing them to track the progress of the delivery in real-time on our website.